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… is a resilient and growing economy, even under the war conditions and a future member of the European Union. The preparation process for accession, the increasing integration into the European and Western economies and societies are changing the economy and society at a rapid pace.

The country is backed by the global community of Western economies led by the United States and the European Union. Supporting the military capacities is of course key – the economic integration and wealth and prosperity in Ukraine is a critical success factor for sustaining the society as strong as it has proven to be. Whereas the short-term the focus is on the direct consequences of the war in infrastructure, energy, medical and housing – just to name a few – long-term Ukraine is becoming a modern diversified digital economy.

There are more and more funding programs and investment guarantees from Germany, Europe and the USA; so that direct engagement of Ukraine is also becoming possible again for many companies.

Overall, there are many opportunities for internationally experienced companies not just from the group of large corporations but particularly from the more flexible middle-market. Collaborations and Joint Ventures between companies from different parts of the world into Ukraine will be a key approach to share and divide the natural risk coming with an engagement in Ukraine.

AHP International

… has a local presence in Ukraine with its own office in Kyiv. Currently, we are providing the essential base and services to international economic development organizations seeking to be active and representative in Ukraine.

Recent customers include German Government agencies, U.S. states economic development organizations and the Canadian government.

We are coordinating and supporting our Ukrainian hub from our CEE office in Warsaw and our headquarter in Berlin. We are an active member of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

Our economic development portfolio for Ukraine consists of: Trade Promotion (Trade Mission – both inbound and outbound), Capacity Building (mentoring of Ukrainian managers) and                      FDI Promotion (preparation of Ukrainian regions to become attractive in western destinations).

We also see the first corporate engagement of European and American clients mainly active in the fields of infrastructure, energy and medical care.

Ukraine is one of most digitized countries in Europe, AHPI is assisting Ukrainian and Global corporates in benefiting from the competence of the Ukrainian tech sectors.


Our Ukrainian operations are led by                      Dmytro Pankratov in Kyiv, he works closely with our CEE-lead Karolina Kaptur in Warsaw and our founding partner Stefan Peikert in Berlin.

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Dmytro Pankratov Senior Manager & Territory Lead Ukraine

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