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Capacity Development in global markets


Scale up from local expertise to international Know-How – Our Capacity Building unit empowers managers of companies around the world to understand how business is done in the most competitive market in Europe and which best practices will help companies access the German market successfully.
Upgrade your clients to become “Fit for Partnership with Germany” – For more than 15 years AHP International has worked with public institutions and multiplier organizations – Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Agencies, industry associations, and cluster organizations – to help foreign companies establish and nurture sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with German enterprises.
Enjoy customized support from Day 1 – Regardless of industry sector and prior experience with internationalisation, business owners and foreign managers of small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from our coaching expertise to conduct international business successfully. 
Trust a reliable partner with a proven track record – AHP International has for more than 10 years successfully implementing the partner program “Partnering for business with Germany” for the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. We have hosted  trained more than 700 managers from Eastern Europe, Asia, Central America and Africa to become reliable trading partners in various German industry sectors.
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Partnerning in Business with Germany

As a long-standing partner in the partner program “Partnering in Business with Germany” of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action,  AHP International is a centre of competence for the development of international business relations at the management and specialist level. This element of Germany’s foreign trade policy with a partnership approach prepares foreign specialists and managers, primarily from emerging and transition countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Central America and North Africa, for business initiation and economic cooperation with German companies. Since 2014, more than 400 managers and decision-makers from 17 countries went successfully through this program with AHP International.

AHP delivers sector-specific training courses to expand management and cooperation skills and provides a platform for applying them both virtually or on-site during two weeks of company visits and discussions with German managers.

Based by a broad network of direct contacts in multiple target sector industries and sound management know-how, our team members tailor the training to specific industry foci as well as market entry of collaboration interests.

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Projects 2024

  • The focus of this delegation of 22 female specialists and managers from successful companies in India is a familiarization with the German market, establish business relationships with German companies, and develop long-term partnerships in multiple industries.

    The group visited Germany in April.



  • This delegation comprises  over 20 representatives of managers from Egypt, Georgia and Ukraine interested in all aspects of green technology, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economy and re/upcycling.

    This group of managers will be in Germany in June 2024.

  • This delegation comprises over 20 representatives of companies seeking trading opportunities or strategic partnerships in an array of sectors: agriculture, ICT, hospitality, construction services, food  or logistic services.

    This group will be in Germany in July 2024.

  • This South American country with a population of almost 20 million people has an export-driven economy (copper, agricultural products including fish, fruit, and wine) but imports about 5% of its good and services from German.

    This group will be in Germany in October 2024.

  • This African Country (population 128 million), a major player in the growing Horn of Africa construction- and services-based economy, and many other of its economic activities depend on agriculture, such as processing, and export.

    (delegation details forthcoming)


  • The Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economics offers companies from Rhineland-Palatinate a  management program with Vietnamese junior executives. For the German host companies, this is a unique opportunity to get to know Vietnam intensively and to establish sustainable economic and business contacts there.


  • This study tour lasting five days is aimed at Bavarian manufacturers and providers of equipment, machinery, technologies, and services for water management and infrastructure who wish to expand or establish their business activities in Ukraine.  The Bavaria – Fit for Partnership” is the international training program offered by Bayern International – funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • The aim of the SI is to make a contribution to the reconstruction of Ukraine in the medium term and to the country to the EU internal market. In order to accomplish this immense task, the country’s economy needs qualified decision-makers and sustainable international cooperation. These are the two points are addressed by the special initiative: German companies provide insights into their reallife business practice to  Ukrainian managers.  In this way valuable and long-term contacts can be established. In accompanying training courses
    the Ukrainian managers deepen their management and cooperation skills.

    The Special Initiative (SI) Ukraine is part of the partner program “Partnering in Business with Germany”,  which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action and is an instrument  of German foreign trade promotion. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) implements the program on behalf of the BMWK.


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